Friday, January 14, 2011


For years whenever I'd go to a party / get-together with friends, I'd get grief for my choice of beverage.

My dad was a big rye drinker when I was growing up and that must have worn off because once I started drinking I'd help myself to the liqueur cabinet and fix myself what I had seen my dad drink. Sure through high school I tried beers but it was never my thing; I always gravitated to the harder alcohol.

My drink of choice was always Rye & Ginger.

Just look at that! Perfection.

Recently, a good friend of mine returned from a trip to Portland and phoned to tell me that she had a gift for me. She had purchased me a book entitled "Old Man Drinks: Recipes, Advice and Barstool Wisdom". As we flipped through the pages along with her husband, he suggested that I go through the book, sampling each of the beverages and blogging my thoughts of them.

And now here we are. Come along with me on my journey - from the relaxed 'Arnie Palmer', to the classic 'Martini', to the most feared drink in the book: Gin & Milk. What's in that you ask? Gin. And Milk.

Lord help me....

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